ASC Marketing: Setting Your Facility Up for Success

ASCs are increasingly popular for both patients and providers. There are over 6,200 Medicare-certified ASCs in the U.S., and outpatient surgical volumes are expected to rise another 18% in the next ten years. However, that opportunity brings increased competition.

As the ASC market becomes increasingly saturated, how can your facility stand out? A sound marketing strategy tailored to your various stakeholders’ unique needs is paramount to success in the outpatient surgery industry.

Here, we’ll explore the fundamentals of marketing that you need to consider when establishing an ASC. Let’s get started.

Make Your Facility Easy to Find and Vet

As patients are increasingly involved with their health decisions, especially regarding costs, you can count on them to look into your facility before becoming a patient. Having a modern and easily navigable website is one of the best ways for patients to learn about you. Your site should have easily-accessible pages that share information about:

  • Your location and contact information
  • Your surgical staff and their credentials
  • Your facility’s recognition, accreditation, and quality scores

Additionally, you might consider hosting information about things like:

  • Recovery tips
  • FAQs and information about procedures your facility regularly handles
  • Insurance and payment options

In an industry where competing facilities and hospitals have clunky, confusing, and frustrating websites, an up-to-date, easily navigable, intuitive, and informative website contributes to a positive patient experience, even before they officially become patients.

Showcase How Your Facility Fills a Gap in the Market

When establishing your ASC, your state’s legal and regulatory compliance measures may require you to operate under Certificate of Need (CON) laws. These essentially ensure that there’s a genuine need for the services that your facility provides. While CON laws can feel burdensome when first establishing your facility, they provide excellent ammunition for your marketing efforts by spelling out what distinguishes you from hospitals in the area.

Use your facility’s marketing channels and materials to highlight the ways your facility fills those gaps in the market, especially if your area is underserved by hospitals or has limited care options outside of those that are prohibitively expensive.

Understand Who You’re Marketing To

Your ability to successfully market your ASC depends on how well you understand who you’re marketing to. ASCs have three primary audiences: referring physicians, patients, and potential employees.

1. Referring Physicians

Physician referrals account for a significant portion of the cases coming through your facility. Marketing to physicians effectively can ensure that your facility remains top-of-mind when their patients need an operation.

Physicians value clear communication, evidence of high-quality care, and specialization. Therefore, your facility should produce marketing materials that address those concerns, highlighting quality metrics, patient outcomes, and your facility’s unique procedures, specialties, and technologies.

2. Patients

While patients will value many of the same things referring physicians do, they’re also increasingly involved in their healthcare decisions and seek convenience, affordability, and high-quality care.

Your marketing should address these points, emphasizing cost transparency, insurance acceptance, technological advancements that reduce pain and recovery times, and patient satisfaction scores.

3. Surgeons and Staff

Finally, don’t overlook the importance of marketing your ASC as an excellent place to work. The challenges of recruiting in the healthcare space won’t subside soon, so anything you can do to build a positive reputation with surgeons and other clinical staff can give you a competitive advantage when you need to hire.

Highlighting your facility’s accreditation, quality scores, and expertise doesn’t just look good to patients and referring physicians — it can help you attract top talent.

By tailoring your marketing strategy to address each audience’s specific needs and preferences, your ASC can effectively differentiate itself from competitors and build strong relationships with patients, providers, and the broader healthcare community.

Don’t Lose Sight of the Product

Finally, as your facility gears up its marketing initiatives, don’t lose sight of your primary goal: outstanding quality of care.

If your facility loses sight of that goal, it can garner a poor reputation locally. When that happens, marketing your facility and earning the trust of referring physicians, patients, and payors becomes exponentially more challenging.

The bottom line is that word of mouth is one of the most influential kinds of marketing for healthcare facilities like your ASC. Unfortunately, unlike with your owned marketing channels, you can’t control how much of it happens. However, you can determine what people are saying. That begins with providing exceptional care quality and a helpful, compassionate patient experience.

Sullivan Healthcare Consulting’s team of ASC experts is led by Robert Eisenberg, RN, MBA, CASC. They have decades of experience guiding ASCs to success. To create and operate an ASC that provides high-quality surgical care that practically markets itself, contact Sullivan Healthcare Consulting’s team of experts today.

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