Perioperative Governance Structure 


Why do some well-designed, best practice program fail while some poorly designed programs run effectively? The answer is governance. A successful perioperative governance team wins the confidence of surgeons, anesthesia, OR nurses and OR managers by balancing the needs of their competing agendas.

Creating a Perioperative Governance Structure to Drive Performance

All active personnel in the perioperative department should be able to answer these questions easily.

Who runs the program?
What rules do they follow?
How is conflict resolved?
Who is accountable for performance?

A perioperative governance structure that is well-designed, well-understood and well-enforced will result in greater OR effectiveness and marketability.

4 Elements that Create a Successful Perioperative Governance Structure

Our team believes that these four elements together form the governance required to support a successful perioperative environment.

1. The Surgery Executive Committee
2. The Surgery Medical Director
3. A Revised Surgery Committee
4. An Effective OR Management Team

Sullivan Healthcare Consulting (SHC) can assist your healthcare organization in selecting the right individuals for these two committees, the surgery medical director role and the OR management team, based on the goals and responsibilities that our experts help define for each position.

Unparalleled Results

Thriving perioperative departments do not happen by accident or overnight, but rather are a result of a well curated governance team and thoughtful physician/stakeholder communication. This is where SHC can provide the most value.

SHC Consultants offer assistance with developing and implementing perioperative area-specific management goals, and our information management consultants will work within the new governance structure to create the reports required to measure progress and encourage improvement.

To learn more about our perioperative governance services and how Sullivan can help improve your organization’s performance, contact us today.

We also offer perioperative consulting, SPD consulting, anesthesia consulting, implementation support, interim management, and ambulatory surgery center services.

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