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The Sullivan Team offers implementation support on all consulting projects including Perioperative, Sterile Processing, Anesthesia, and Ambulatory Surgery Center programs. This option is available to all clients and is dependent on specifics of recommendations and the implementation assistance needs unique to the organization.

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Hands-On Implementation Support for Hospitals’ Most Complex Challenges​

Our team has over 40 years of experience in delivering implementation support and works with leadership to define the appropriate level of implementation support required for improved outcomes and diagnostics. Every implementation support project is customized to fit the identified opportunities, available internal capacity and the requirement to achieve quantifiable outcomes. 

Types of Implementation Support We Offer

Project Director Support & Assistance

Our implementation support experts provide direct assistance to a surgery implementation task force – which includes four to six consultant days per month. Four to six months of implementation support is generally required.

Full-Time, Three-quarter-time or Half-Time, On-Site Implementation Support Consultants.

A Sullivan team member can personally direct all or specific parts of detailed design and implementation processes. These personnel are experts in the specific field requiring comprehensive redesign and/or experienced perioperative change managers/facilitators.

Preparation of Detailed Recommended Program Design Components

Examples of this include job descriptions, policies, and procedures, training programs, forms, step-by-step implementation plans, etc. This option is generally utilized by organizations with a large number of surgery program changes, that want to achieve implementation quickly or have limited internal staff.

Facilitated the Design of Key Elements of the Perioperative Program

This type of implementation support involves presurgical screening, scheduling, block management programming or sterile processing design.

All or Some Combination of the Above

We believe in providing customized implementation support tailored to your unique challenges, needs, and goals.

Sullivan Implementation Support: What to Expect

During implementation, our implementation support experts will provide hospital administration with a list of quantitative measurements that identify where they started, six-month goals and long-term or final goals.  

Our implementation support commitment – together with our client references and the consistently positive results of our prior clients – will assure administration, OR management and medical staff that all of our recommendations are data-driven, evidence-based best practice, and achievable.  

We can ensure that the implementation of recommendations will result in a more than adequate return on investment.

Case Studies

Allina - Chasing Turnover and Winning


Establish leadership infrastructure, Analyze time segments, Build daily accountability, Build physician engagement

Using Appropriate Perioperative Governance Structures to Implement Better Block Scheduling

Successful implementation will allow surgeons to manage daily activity and increase their productivity and revenues

Improving Critical Operational Areas in the OR

Surgery governance requires change to successfully address today’s issues and challenges.

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