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Deficiencies in your sterile processing department (SPD) can have a negative impact on your operating room. Case cart errors, dirty instruments, and relying on flash sterilization can result in delays, cancellations and unnecessary overtime. Eliminate surgical delays and improve surgical staff performance with assistance from Sullivan’s sterile processing department consulting team.

Our sterile processing department consulting experts can help you identify and address your SPD Program issues—improving operational efficiency and increasing quality in your OR.

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Common Obstacles in the Sterile Processing Department

  • Ineffective leadership

  • Insufficient training

  • Lack of technology support

  • Lack of process structure

  • Inadequate space, equipment, and inventory

If your OR is experiencing bioburden, instrument loss, inefficient workflow, or increased ‘wet loads’, our team can help. We will work closely with OR leaders to deliver accurate and timely solutions to minimize infections and optimize resources.​

Increase Sterile Processing Department Efficiency with Individualized Solutions

Each project is customized to meet your organization’s needs. Additionally, Sullivan sterile processing consulting experts offer implementation support for any and all recommendations made.With our strong presence in the U.S. and extensive experience, we demonstrate value for healthcare organizations just like yours.

Best Practice Sterile Processing Department Consulting

A broad assessment of the entire sterile processing department

During a Sullivan Best Practice Sterile Processing Program Assessment, our sterile processing consulting experts examine all critical elements of the SPD program and identify opportunities for improvement. In addition, our team provides specific and detailed recommendations that are implementable.

In the SPD assessment we typically evaluate: 

  • Organization

  • Staffing

  • Scheduling

  • Education

  • Communication

  • Inventory

  • Preference cards

  • Case cart systems

  • Instrument processing

  • Reprocessing

  • Quality control

  • Regulatory compliance

Sterile Processing Department Facility Planning & Design

Assistance planning for your future SPD

Sullivan sterile processing department consulting experts will work with key stakeholders to build consensus on the floor plans and phasing plan for new construction or facility renovations. We will work with hospital architects and facility planners to fit the best-case plan into an achievable new facility construction or current facility renovation plan with sequencing and time-frames.

The Sullivan Difference: Individualized Sterile Processing Department Consulting

Our sterile processing department consulting experts are transforming ORs with comprehensive knowledge, swift implementation, and accuracy to improve operational efficiency in your sterile processing department. Sullivan remains committed to achieving quality patient outcomes by providing the highest level of service and the option for implementation support for all recommendations made—something other consulting firms won’t do.

Commitment to Understanding the Needs of Your Sterile Processing Department

Not only are our sterile processing department consulting experts interested in learning more about your unique needs, we’re invested in your organization—partnering with you to formulate the most efficient and lucrative solutions for your OR. Our goal is to streamline processes in the OR to reduce infection, improve workflow, and decrease delays—while keeping quality of patient care a priority.

Case Studies

Good Samaritan Kearney

A major medical center performing complex orthopedic, spine and cardiovascular procedures was experiencing significant case delays and surgeon and staff frustration due to instrument issues (missing instruments, dirty instruments), case cart issues, lack of appropriate staff training and education, and lack of collaborative planning.

From Staffing to Sterilization: The Critical Aspects of SPD

Sterile processing has a measurable impact on patient safety in the surgical setting.

Strategies to Develop Effective SPD Leadership

Finding the right leadership for the Sterile Processing Department can be tricky. Sullivan has found that many leaders in SPD are exceptional technicians, but they are not great leaders.

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